Achievements & Milestones

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The Green Promise was established in 2015 with the determination for growth and expansion through steady and confident steps. However, its journey started in 2009 as the Professional Services division in The Integrated Standard Solutions (TGP's current sister company). The Green Promise split as a different company in 2015, after its business expanded in Jordan and the region.

In a few years, the division developed an international level HR solutions system (VOLT HRMS) and sold this solution in most countries of the MENA region. 

During the past few years, the company achieved many of the planned goals, including:

1. Building VOLT HRMS and establishing it as one of the leading HRMS solutions in the MENA region. TGP has presence in most countries in the region now.

2. Providing Cloud HR solutions as well as on premise solutions.

3. Providing HR consulting to its customers.

But we are not stopping here, and we look forward to expanding our pool of knowledge, services and customers.

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