Saudi Benya

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Saudi Benya was established on 2010 to provide advanced technology based solution to the Saudi market with the aim of being the reliable solution provider for government and business sectors in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Benya focuses on three main solution categories:

1-      Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions that help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of organizations in terms of time, cost, and quality. Fleet Management solution from SamTech Middle East fits perfectly in this area. Moreover, SamTech and other Saudi Benya alliances will provide complete solution portfolio for Movement and Tracking Management, Health Data Management, Factory Control Data, RFID, and any data management between smart machines and systems.

2-      Infrastructure and Security solutions that builds the reliable and secured network for the most efficient and effective organizations.

3-      Paperless Workflow Management Solutions that helps improve the internal workflow and communication of the organization. Our partners Olivetti provides advanced solutions in this area with great experience and excellent record in Europe and Middle East.

 Consulting and System Integration functions with our international  Consulting and Technical partners.

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