VOLT ESS: Employee Self Services

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  • This is an optional module that can be purchased separately; however, existence of VOLT COMPETENCY and/or VOLT PAY is a needed for it to work.
  • VOLT ESS integrates with VOLT HR and VOLT ATTENDANCE if they are available.
  • Define the services that can be accessed by employees
  • Define the approvers for each service.
  • Define workflow for operations that can be accessed by employees.
  • Define the types of approvals required for each service the employee can do, this can be
    • Automatic approval, where the system accept what the employee have provided, an example of this is an employee changing his address.
    • Approval required, where the change stays in pending stage until it is approved by the defined approver(s) for this operation, an example for this is when an employee submits a vacation, or leave.
  • Employee personal home page to follow up on
    • Actions created by the employee and their status (pending, accepted, rejected)
    • Actions awaiting approval by the employee, so that he can accept or reject them.
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