General Overview

What is the Green Promise


The Green Promise is an IT and business consulting company that specializes IT solutions for HR. The company was established in 2015 with a goal of becoming the best provider of HR consulting and solutions in the region by providing complete HR solutions to organizations of different sizes and from different sectors and improve on their performance. But, before that, the core of the company was the Professional Services division in Integrated Standard Solutions (ISS) and that division started its business Journey in.


The company’s strategy is to provide its customers with the optimal and best solution; our objective is to become the customer’s partner in resolving problems and business elevation rather than their supplier.


TGP serves its customers through the following main Business Units:

  • TGP HR solutions (VOLT HRMS) where the company sell the solution, implement it for the customer and train the customer employee to use it.
  • TGP HR outsourcing where the company act as the HE department for the customer
  • TGP HR Cloud hosting where the company provide HR solutions and maintain them on the loud for the customer.


These business units are backed up with a very strong and capable financial and logistical team who use very sophisticated, up to date systems and have the best professional training.


The company’s strong experience backed up with its vision and insight is its enabler to provide the customers with the right direction that will allow them to take a leading position in their own business.