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VOLT PAY is a solution for all aspects of your salary cycles.


VOLT PAY is the system to manage:

  • Tax definitions (Reliefs and Tiers)
  • Employment types, their benefits and how to deal with them.
  • Employment/Salary grades.
  • Vacation/Leave Management.
  • Allowances/Deductions types.
  • Policies for dealing with delays.
  • How to calculate end of service.
  • Defining benefit payments (Payments paid on behalf of the employee) and handling the taxes for these payments.
  • How to deal with overtime.
  • Bonuses and commissions.
  • Employee personal information.
  • Automatic calculation of tax, social security and all transactions that affect salary.
  • Integration with VOLT ATTENDANCE for
    • Overtime and Delay calculation.
    • Automatic recognition of weekends and public holidays that are defined in the attendance system when calculating overtime.
  • Integrate with ERP systems. 
  • Advanced features that exist in VOLT PAY and can be removed to reduce cost
    • How to deal with additional salary months.
    • Policies for loans to employees.
    • Business Travel Module.
      • Defining unlimited number of business travel policies
      • Payment can be of the same or different currency as employee salary.
      • Definition of Travel tickets, hotel, Transportation, and per diem payments.
    • Saving schemes.
    • Health insurance
      • Defining one or more insurance schemes.
      • Dealing with one or more insurance company.
      • Defining how to deal with beneficiaries and their dependents.
      • Define employee and company contribution levels.