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VOLT HR is used to manage employee and company information.


VOLT HR is the system to manage:

  • Organization information.
  • Branches.
  • Organizational structure.
  • Assets allocated to employees.
  • Different core functions in the organization.
  • Job Descriptions
    • Description of responsibilities and authorities for core function and job titles.
    • Description of Certifications, Competencies and Education required for each core function and job titles.
  • Job structures.
  • Employees Personnel information.
  • Vacation and Leave Management.
  • Work Injuries.
  • Memberships in professional bodies.
  • Administrator of the company customizes the system according to company data.
  • Disciplinary management (Violations, penalties, policies).
  • Official documents management (Letters requested by employees)
  • Definitions for import data from previous system.

Announcement management (sending announcements to all employees, group of employees or a certain employee).