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Volt ESS is used to control employee self service options and what they can do themselves.

  1. This is an optional module that can be purchased separately; however, existence of VOLT COMPETENCY and/or VOLT PAY is a needed for it to work.
  2. VOLT ESS integrates with VOLT HR and VOLT ATTENDANCE if they are available.

Volt ESS is used to manage:

  • Define the services that can be accessed by employees
  • Allow defining the list of approvers who can be used to approve transactions, VOLT allow up to 18 levels of approval.
  • Allow defining a workflow and approvers for the following transactions (each transaction can have a different workflow and approval cycle than the other)
    • All types of vacations requests (Personal, Sick, Maternity, Hajj, Bereavement, etc.).
    • Annual vacation encashment.
    • All types of short Leaves (leaves for less than one day during the day).
    • Loans requests or requesting a delay or a payment.
    • Training or certification request.
    • Setting of employee Goals and Objectives.
    • Performing employee Appraisals
    • Requesting travel tickets or travel tickets encashment
    • Business travel requests.
    • Delays.
    • Absenteeism.
    • Deductions.
    • Cash payments.
    • Raises.
    • Promotions
    • Overtime
    • Employee Terminations or suspension.
    • Re-activation of suspended or terminated employees.
  • Defining which transactions can be requested by employees or managers.
  • Define the person who receive escalations by employees or managers if their requests have been pending for a while.
  • (Optional) Allow defining a super user who can approve any transaction.
  • Allow employees to
    • Track the status of their requests by email and through VOLT client
    • Send reminders to the person where the transaction is pending with.
    • Send escalations when their requests have been ignored.
  • The employee or manager who have the privilege to do so can create these transactions, and it will follow the defined workflow until it is approved or rejected.
  • Employee/Manager personal home page to follow up on
    • Actions created by the employee and their status (pending, accepted, rejected)
    • Actions awaiting approval by the employee, so that he can accept or reject them.