Volt Mobile Application

Volt Mobile logo

VOLT mobile client enables mobile users to access the VOLT server from their mobile.


Volt Mobile allows you to perform the following:


  1. View the important pages of their employee record (Vacation types and Balances, Leave type, Tickets types and balances)
  2. View salary slip
  3. Create Vacation (Annual, Sick, Maternity, Emergency …etc.)
  4. Create a short leave request
  5. View actions created by himself
  6. View actions created by others for himself




  1. Does everything the employee can do plus the below extras
  2. View actions requiring his approval
  3. Open actions and approve them


Applications are available on Google Play for Android and on Apple Store for iOS, other platforms are available upon request.


Employees can download the applications for free, but they will only work if the company purchase Mobile server license for VOLT Client.