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Our Story

The Green Promise was established in 2015 with an aim to become a one stop shop for all aspects of managing the human capital for organizations of all sizes.

The flagship of The Green Promise is their HR tool, Volt HRMS, which is an all inclusive HR solution for your business that covers everything from employee information, payroll, recruitment and reporting.

Message From the Founder

“As we always believed that the most important asset in any business is the human. VOLT HRMS, was born in line with our aspirations. Our company started in 2015 but it was way before that when it was a dream in our hearts and minds…

Message From Our CEO

“We at TGP are committed to maintaining our market leadership and financial strength, while continuing to put our clients on the top of our priorities. I speak on behalf of all the exceptional members of TGP team when I say that we have been continuously striving to provide our clients with superior products and services…

Our Background

Our Vision

TGP’s Mission is to provide its clients with a complete HR solutions and a services, consultation, and support in all aspects of managing the human capital in an organization, and that can only be achieved by providing the best exposure and training to its staff to qualify to the highest standards.

General Overview

The Green Promise is an IT and business consulting company that specializes IT solutions for HR. The company was established in 2015 with a goal of becoming the best provider of HR consulting and solutions in the region by providing complete HR solutions to organizations of different sizes and from different sectors and improve on their performance.


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